My name is Thomas Hare.
I decided to tell You my story which is inherent to alopecia. Why? I have a lot of experience on that matter and I think that my information can help many people how to deal with that unpleasant problem. I achieved the point, which is the huge progression, on my own in hit-or-miss style – it is the complete stopping of the hair’s falling out. Now I am working on the regeneration of my hairstyle and waiting until my head will be covered with hair completely :)

My problem is the androgenic alopecia. I know – I belong to the majority of the people who have such a problem – exactly to the straight majority. It is assumed that everything was said on that object. However there is a lack of information which is not only theoretical but a personal experience. That’s why I offer my help.

There comes a day in everyone’s life that when we have to stand up to something that is beyond us. For me, such a moment was the doctor’s diagnosis and there were no illusions about me. In principle, I was prepared for that. In the end, my father and grandfather had the same trouble. Nevertheless I was hoping that the alopecia would give me more time and I could enjoy my hair longer. Unfortunately it didn’t give me more time.

However I was able to take control of it.

Here are three products,
which helped me mostly at fighting with hair loss:

... I encourage to read my story and follow through the stages of my treatment. I have presented here some very interesting alternatives to these hits and… preparations, which didn’t help me. I hope my experience will be helpful to even one person struggling with the alopecia.