How to prevent hair loss?

Very often excessive hair loss can be controlled by ourselves. The best way would be to not allow them to fall out. It goes without saying – some circumstances are beyond our control, genetics cannot be cheated and we cannot discontinue taking certain drugs. But we can work in another field - eliminating from your life bad habits or learning methods that will help to improve the condition of hair.

Tip 1: avoid dryers, dyeing, be careful how you tie your hair

Tip especially useful for women. First of all it is worth to avoid dryers. Dryers should only be used for drying the laundry. They terribly dry out and damage the hair fiber. Hot air weakens the proteins contained therein, leading to brittling, and finally - hair loss. So it is with curling tongs, straighteners and other devices to embellish hair. You should also think about the limiting hair dyeing - all chemicals contained in these dye products goes through the skin and reaches the hair follicles. It's not worth to do them such sort of harm- they cannot stand it and walk away... The third issue - strong bond hair. Constantly tensioned hair and the pressure on the hair follicles can lead to alopecia traction. It happens most often when wearing dreadlocks, tight ponytails, braids or hair extensions.

Tip 2: take care of your hair during washing

The three basic principles - not brush wet hair, avoid frequent washing them and wiping vigorously with a towel. I always try to apply them. As a result, the hair is stronger and there is simply more of them. Brushing "wet" is a sin number 1 during it hair fiber is exposed and sensitive to mechanical damage. You may lose hair, which is in the growth phase. Vigorous rubbing with a towel and frequent washing them also leads to weakening and damage – therefore the frequency of washing should be minimized and let them dry naturally and comb with a soft brush.

Tip 3: develop good habits in daily life

The extremely important thing is an amount of sleep, which should last for a minimum 7-8 hours. Dream provides a total regeneration of the body, de-stresses it and gives you a new energy. A good way to relieve the stress is also a physical activity, it is worth to mobilize yourself in this direction, pull the bike out of the basement, buy a jump rope or a ball game. Exercise and movement stimulate circulation - also in the scalp.

Tip 4: develop good eating habits

The easiest way to harm your body is by it inappropriate nourishing. Remember that "you are what you eat". So if your daily menu consists of unhealthy or poor nutritious food - everything will come out sooner or later on the out. So take care of what is in our kitchen. I found several basic elements that can help stop hair loss. They are: iron, protein, vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, biotin and zinc. Its suitable levels in the body will help to prevent hair loss.

Tip 5: avoid low-calorie diet liquid, avoid crude protein

The point with protein is not a joke. Crude protein contains a substance that binds to biotin, which prevents its absorption into the body. As I wrote above - biotin is one of the elements that help suppress hair loss. Take care of it, so it can easily penetrate into the body. Low-calorie liquid diet, however, is the best idea to get rid of energy. Loss of energy stocks reflects to some extent on the condition of hair, and the fact that hair is starting to fall out.

Tip 6: choose natural supplements

If you want to help your body, it's worth doing it naturally. The best idea for boosting the health and additionally inhibition of hair loss is to stock up yourself with supplements containing vitamin C, biotin and iron. It is worth to obtain - which in my case it started to give results - supplements containing Serenoa repens – saw palmetto. I took Procerin and Provillus and I was happy with the results. However it is the best to test supplements by yourself - they work for sure with varying degrees of success for different people, so the search for the ideal may take a little bit - but it is worth it.

Tip 7: do the alopecia test

The test for alopecia is admittedly not a hint that helps to prevent hair loss, but I wanted to put the information about it and I could not find a more appropriate location on the website :) This test verifies the condition of your hair, whether they are flexible and if you are prone to hair loss in the future. It is performed as follows: two fingers grab a small strand of your hair. Pull it slowly but firmly, until the skin of your head is tense. If more than one third, one fourth of hair fall out - unfortunately, you have a predisposition to hair loss.