My story

Damian Włosek

It past 4 years from the day I’ve realized what I am dealing. Many things happened since and this section is about them. I would like to add that privately I am an architect - I design interiors and gardens. My disease did not left me a choice – I had to carefully plan how I want to look in a couple of years. And it all has begun with…

October 2008 – the start of hair loss

In fact, the hair loss then was out of the picture. Simply, my hair started to fall out. Do I know what could be causing this? Probably there are some causing factors. My work and projects were my life, I ate poorly and irregularly, and I hardly slept. Besides, I was spending long hours working on the computer to manage deadlines. Maybe all of this contributed to the loss of hair in some way?

December 2008 – Stress, stress and more stress

December - the end of the year but everything was out of control. The pressure to take care of everything and make sure that the customers got their finished projects on time. The top orders were clear – everything must be done till the end of year. There was also a lot going on in my personal life. I had a plan to propose on Christmas Eve. Everything stressed me out so much that I developed even more severe hair loss.

January 2009 – Shock and first visit to a doctor

I remember the look on my face when I looked in the mirror in the morning to this day. My face looked tired and saggy. And then I saw the receding front hairline. Not so serious but still. I knew that it might have something to do with genetics, because my father was also balding. I didn’t want to believe it and I made a Doctor's appointment. That was the time I have met my doctor, he confirmed my fears. Diagnosis: androgenetic alopecia.

February 2009 – Initial treatment: finasteride

My doctor did not treat me with kid gloves. Immediately after the diagnosis he advised me to start the medication therapy with finasteride to inhibit DHT. The entire treatment was supposed to bring the effects in up to six months. So I bought Propecia – everything was going fine, but this treatment was quite expensive. I was spending around 100€ monthly.

May 2009 – The wedding, the first treatment discontinuation

The most important day of my life has to come. I was stressed out all the time - everything had to succeed and I had this huge problem – my hair loss... Shortly after the wedding I stopped taking finasteride. Increased stress caused that the drug inhibited less and less hair loss. In fact, they would fall out more and more. His performance left a lot to be desired and moreover, the drug affected my manhood. Since my wife and I had been trying for a baby – further treatment was unacceptable.

June 2009 - Continuation of treatment: minoxidil

Minoxidil was supposed to be my remedy. Finally, it is believed to be the most effective component for androgenetic alopecia. So I got a prescription for Regaine. I was taking it for good 5 months, but I did not notice any improvement. In fact it was exactly opposite - alopecia progressed ruthlessly and approached the top of my head, where I spotted the first thinning.

November 2009 - Minoxidil reactivation - concentration of 5%

I have to admit that Dr. Majewski is a one stubborn man. He was not accepting that my treatment with minoxidil did not give the results. It is true that Regaine contains it in a concentration of 2%, but what's the difference - I thought then. I received a higher dose, and so began my adventure with Sigma Skin, precisely: Step 2 The main component had a 5% concentration, and the prognosis were good. In March 2009, I noticed a big improvement. First of all, my hair stopped being weak and did not fall out. The bald spot at the top of my head stopped to expand.

March 2010 - dietary supplement support: Procerin

Everything seemed to be successful. I decided on my own to help and accelerate the growth of hair. So I chose the supplementation capsules, Procerin. My attention was caught by it advertised ingredient: Saw Palmetto. I was taking Procerin for a quite long time, because it cooperated with minoxidil very well. At this time the progress of my alopecia has been completely inhibited.

May 2010 – My father illness

When difficult times come to life, everything else is put aside. When my father got sick, I did not have much time or inclination to deal with my hair. There was another issue - my wife was about to give a birth in a month and the stress took over my terms completely. Sometimes I remembered about the treatment, taking Procerin, but it was not regular. It was not until two months later I returned to the regular taking of Procerin.

September 2010 - Back to minoxidil: NR-07

Then the situation seemed to be under control. Three months before my daughter came to this world I had decided to finally take care of my neglected hair. My doctor advised me then the new solution, and it was the NR-07. Why? It contained exactly what the two previous medicine: minoxidil 5% and Saw Palmetto. They were just in one formulation. I saved up a little bit, and the whole treatment again brought good results.

April 2011 – Complex treatment: Revita shampoo

I added to my treatment Revita shampoo. Revita was developed with nanosome technology, so I thought I would help myself in this way. In the end, you have to wash your hair with something. Revita surprised me very positively. First of all, hair regain softness and along with NR-07 made my hair strong and shiny. It also filled the top of the head with hair.

June 2011 - Brand new solution: Nanoxidil

In androgenetic alopecia the worst thing is the receding hairline It is really difficult to get rid of it. On the advice of a doctor I replaced minoxidil with nanoxidil. I started taking Spectral DNC-N. Research indicated that nanoxidil is very similar to minoxidil, but has fewer side effects. I helped Spectral with Provillus - to not give up the Saw Palmetto. I have to admit that on my head nanoxidil acted like minoxidil. I waited a few months and gradually there was another progress. It was a very good product.

January 2012 - My own laser comb: ViviComb

I liked experimenting so much that I decided to splurge. A radically new laser comb for hair growth as ViviComb had entered the market. So far such thing was available only in specialized clinics, so I did not hesitate when it comes to buying. It cost a lot of money but it was worth it - I still use it today, and it's been 6 months. The result – receding hairline is almost filled and the forehead line it back to its place. Yet there's a small loss on the head , but I'm working on it. My Rating - 10/10.