Rogaine - is it worth it choose to this product?

Rogaine - is it worth it choose to this product?

The product, which for many years gained popularity in the United States, finally has reached us. This product is designed to fight "the most popular" type of hair loss, and its action has been confirmed over many years of its creators experience.

Type of hair loss, which was mentioned in the introduction is known as androgenic hair loss (you can also meet with the name of "male"). As you might guess it affects mostly men, but also happens to women. Therefore, the Rogaine formulation is suitable for both sexes.

The strength of experience

Rogaine has been created on the basis of 20 years’ experience with androgenic alopecia and searching for the solutions to this problem. Before it was introduced to the market, the studies were carried out on more than 20 thousand people, to be sure that the component that is the basis of the preparation Rogaine really works. Does it work? Yes, like other preparations containing minoxidil – worked for a significant proportion of people. However, an important disadvantage of this formulation is that it significantly lowers blood pressure. And the side effect already has been noticed by a large part of people testing it.

There are two versions of this product. One designed for women contains minoxidil (the mysterious compound) in 2% concentration and the second, in which amounts to 5% (used to be only for men).

As far as I can see the use of 5% minoxidil products has positive results, the 2% ones may simply not produce the desired effects.

What is minoxidil?

Like in many cases also here the possibility of using it to fight against androgenetic alopecia appeared by chance. Originally minoxidil was used as a treatment for hypertension. During the research it side effect has been found. As a result of its use hair were growing out - also on head. The minoxidil was quickly employed to help people struggling with alopecia. Here it is worth noticing that in case of this problem - unlike a hypertension - we are talking about the local treatment, as one for example in the form of foam as in the case of the preparation Rogaine.

When the first results appear?

Before we get to specifics, I should begin with a small warning. Both versions of the product are safe, because they contain the maximum possible dose of minoxidil. Therefore, women should stick with Rogaine designed just for them. The dose of 2% minoxidil it is suited to this gender. Incidentally, both versions of the product Rogaine have been released to use by the FDA (the Food and Drug Administration), and is a quite significant advantage, because before it is allowed to reach the market it has to meet their high demands.

Both versions of the product should be applied 2 times a day. Neither more nor less. We apply it in place of the hair loss or thinning. The first results appear after three months of use. This time should not surprise anyone, because it is (in the case of many treatments for androgenic alopecia) the time it take the hair follicles to produce new visible, hair. Full Rogaine treatment last for 12 months. Of course, it must be regular. It is the best to use in the morning and evening.

There is one important point to mention – it is often indicated that Rogaine does not eliminate the causes of hair loss, but only helps suppress it. This is quite a big disadvantage, because to successfully fight with baldness we additionally have to obtain a DHT blocker (like Advecia).