The reasons of hair loss

I remember when I noticed the first symptoms of the excessive hair loss, the first thing I did was to stretch out in my armchair, launching the laptop… and the detailed research of the Network for the reasons of alopecia. I haven’t met Dr. Majewski yet and I didn’t know I was suffering from androgenic alopecia. However at that time I collected a lot of information which I wanted to share with you.

As you can guess – there are many reasons for hair loss from the health, psychological and mechanical.

Mechanical reasons for the alopecia are the easiest ones to eliminate. We should just give up some of our habits or try to reduce them as much as possible. These are among others:

Alopecia caused by health reasons is much harder to control. It is sometimes just impossible – as in case of few illnesses. This category includes:

Finally, the turn for reasons of the psychiatric origin. The most frequently mentioned stimulus conditioning the excessive hair loss which is currently regarded as a civilization disease is the stress. I devoted more attention to that problem in the bookmark ‘Stress and Alopecia’. Another factor which causes alopecia is trichotillomania. It is quite a rare disease and its causes are viewed just in the sick person’s psyche. It manifests itself in pulling your own hair and inability to refrain from doing it.

And what was it like with me?

Browsing the topic, I began to find the reasons that might concern my alopecia. The stress had the first place on “the list” of factors which have affected my hair loss. That one thing was certain - because at that time a lot of things conspired against me. I decided to consult a doctor and so I found my doctor. I learnt that stress is merely the factor that contributes to my hair loss. The main culprit was the increased DHT and the diagnosis was clear: androgenic alopecia.