ViviComb – the newest solution in the clash with alopecia

ViviComb – the newest solution in the clash with alopecia

The first signs of alopecia mean bloody hell for many men. The thinning of hair, which progresses from day to day, deflates effectively the self – confidence and make the basic daily activities difficult while the thoughts revolve around hiding the problem of hair loss. That’s why the solutions, which can block hair loss in a simple and quickly way, are rated so highly. ViviComb works this way. Many experts in alopecia consider the laser comb as the number one in the fight with the hair loss. Are they right?

Laser revolution

A producer does not promise us miracles. ViviComb is not presented as a magical product, what shows it immediately as a trustworthy product. It is rather described as a simple and convenient product which can care for the scalp in such a way that it can stimulate the hair growth in nine out of ten men (based on the tests carried out in people using the comb for 26 weeks, three times a day, everyday for 15 minutes).

ViviComb is an accessible product that uses the revolutionary method of stimulating the hair growth: the low-energy laser beam LLLT, which supplies energy to the scalp in the form of light quantum. In this way it affects hair on two levels: it prevents the hair loss and stimulates the growth of hair follicles. This comprehensive activity distinguishes ViviComb from the competition and the experience of users confirms that the laser comb increases the amount of hair on the head making the hairstyle much thicker and it just looks better.

Your choice and the inevitable reality

There are two ways of coping with that problem. Some men who observe the increased hair loss, get nervous, become sad or feel removed. Others joke with a problem, admitting to it loudly and showing that it is not painful for them.

It is not a secret that it is easier to deal with the hair loss if the problem is our choice and made by a twist of fate. Bearing aware of the fact that it will be exactly what we want, we just feel better and remain the masters of our appearance. ViviComb gives us a choice which consequences will be more friendly for us. After all, even if we decide that we submit ourselves to that what the reality brings us. Thanks to the laser comb we don’t have to accept the imperfect solution. We have the effective one, which is available for everyone and can serve us not only for months, but for years.

ViviComb: research and its results

The fact that ViviComb is promoted by the producer as the an effective and safe offer, it’s clear. Is there a reliable evidence that it really is so? What is interesting, it turns out that the laser comb has won high marks in the assessment of institutions which opinions are very restrictive: the FDA, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Independent tests have confirmed that this is a product which stops the hair loss and at the same time it does not cause any side effects. In this way, it is confirmed that this product is 100% safe for the scalp and hair. The same assessment gives also the institute which is famous for issuing different opinions.

In the second place there are credible indications that ViviComb is simply effective, of course stand many opinions from satisfied users of the laser comb. This proportion is very high, as much as 93% of those, who applied ViviComb, considered that after eight weeks they have achieved that what significantly improved their physical and mental state. Even in such a short time, it was able to confirm that ViviComb had stopped the process of the hair loss, had a stimulating effect on the growth of new locks and improved the overall condition of the scalp and often reduced the process of hair becoming greasy or appearing of dandruff.

Additionally ViviComb was manufactured in accordance with the requirements of ISO (it’s got a certificate), as well as GMP banners and the declaration of conformity CE.

Biological regeneration at home

The modernity of ViviComb is also confirmed by another fact: that availability of the laser equipment at home, so in a place where it was previously possible to use only simple solutions for baldness: shampoos, liquids, foams or tablets. Devices that use the advanced laser techniques have been used so far only in professional and often at the same time exclusive medical centres, renewal salons and specialist clinics. Today, in the form of a safe and easy to use ViviComb, they are also available to use at home.

ViviComb is much cheaper than the proposals available in the renewal centres. In addition, this is a one – time expense that pays for itself very quickly. Thanks to this device you can save money and get a very practical product which is ready to use both by women and men, fighting with different types of alopecia. With just a few minutes a day, several times a week. That’s a huge saving of money, time and energy!